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Miriam Owen

Driftwood Sculpture

I am a beachcomber. I can't resist picking up interesting sculpted driftwood, shells, smooth glass, or dried sea kelp heads. After winter storms, I am drawn like a magnet to explore the beach for new treasures. Making art from found materials became my focus after 20 years as a potter. My figurative driftwood sculptures were born of the inspiration to use what I find locally.


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The Kelp People are made from driftwood and kelp heads. They are pairs, anatomically correct under the skirts. One balances the other in a tilt of the head or a curve of the torso. Some are natural some I paint layering colors for texture and highlights. They are designed to hang on the wall.


The Rare and Endangered creatures are made from driftwood that suggests dogs, dragons orreptiles They are mythic creatures that are completely their own and truly one of a kind.
The Guardians come from finding a piece if driftwood that is so interesting that I can't resist bringing it home. The wood is too large for a kelp head so I use natural reeds such as salt cedar or curly ting ting for head pieces. These figures are inspired by a Navajo figure called a Ghan Dancer. In the spirit of the Ghan Dancer, the heads are covered and undefined.
The Driftwood Angels were inspired by finding wing-like pieces of driftwood. I often cut them in half to make the wings. Their heads are beach stones. I often affix these angels figures to my garden posts. They then become my "Gardening Angels". The Mermaids are made from kelp heads, driftwood and corn husks. I select curvaceous driftwood for their bodies to suggest the fluidity of a mermaid.

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